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Embark on a Semi-Guided Hike to Olympus Summit designed for seasoned hikers seeking independence. Hike on your own and spend your first night at Refuge A Spilios Agapitos, and rely on our expert guidance only during your summit day, ensuring safety with supplied equipment.

Why Choose Our Semi-Guided Hike:

Enjoy unparalleled flexibility and independence in your itinerary. Our guides start the day at your refuge, accompanying you on your Semi-Guided Hike to the summit and ensuring a safe return, allowing you to shape your mountain adventure according to your preferences.

Olympus Experience guides ensure a safe and enriching experience, navigating you through breathtaking landscapes and sharing insights into the region's rich history and natural wonders.

Whether an experienced hiker or a novice, hiring a professional Olympus guide enhances safety and enriches your mountain experience. Trust us to provide all the necessary safety equipment (climbing helmet, harness, rope).


Semi-Guided Hike to Olympus Summit

  • Period


  • Group Size

    1-4 persons/per guide

  • Total Distance

    6.5Km (approx.)

  • Total Ascent

    +820m (approx.)

Moderate difficulty

• Average physical condition
• Scrambling experience (useful)
• No acrophobia (fear of heights)


Embark on an unforgettable Semi-Guided Hike to Olympus Summit, perfect for both small and larger groups aspiring to ascend Mytikas or other peaks. Our professional Olympus guidance ensures a flexible and personalized experience, accommodating your preferred schedule and itinerary.

Kickstarting early from your refuge, we offer the flexibility to tailor alternative plans to meet your time-schedules. Ascend under our expert guidance, equipped with the essential safety gear (harness, helmet, and rope) that is provided by us. Ample time on the summit allows for breathtaking views, rest, snacks, and photography, ensuring an immersive experience.

Marvel at the incredible alpine environment and panoramic views, as this activity takes you slightly beyond your comfort zone, rewarding you with an unforgettable adventure. The journey from ascending Mytikas to descending back to Spilios Agapitos Refuge A typically takes 5-7 hours at a comfortable pace, allowing ample time on the peak for a truly enriching experience.

Key Aspects of the Semi-Guided Hike to Olympus Summit
1. Epic Ascent to Mytikas Summit:
◦ Scale the towering heights of Mytikas, reaching an impressive elevation of 2918m.
◦ Revel in the sense of accomplishment as you stand atop the highest peak in Greece, surrounded by awe-inspiring vistas.
2. Dynamic Adventure of Hiking and Scrambling:
◦ Engage in a diverse blend of hiking and scrambling, providing an adrenaline-pumping yet accessible challenge.
◦ Navigate through varied terrains, showcasing the versatility of the climb and offering a thrilling mix of experiences.
3. Embrace the Majesty of Europe's Emblematic Mountain:
◦ Immerse yourself in the rich history and symbolism of Mount Olympus, an iconic mountain renowned throughout Europe.
◦ Discover the mythical aura that shrouds this peak, creating a connection between the natural world and ancient legends.

Embarking on this climb isn't just a physical journey; it's a discovery of the extraordinary. Prepare to be captivated by the sheer beauty of the landscape, the thrill of the ascent, and the deep-rooted significance of Mount Olympus. Your adventure awaits.




    Semi-Guided Hike to Olympus Summit

    Embark on an exhilarating day with a hearty breakfast at your refuge, savoring tea or coffee amidst the invigorating mountain vibes. Our guide will meet you at the designated time, offering a brief but essential overview of the day's plans. You'll be equipped with safety essentials like a helmet and climbing harness, complemented by clear directions and instructions. Emphasizing safety while maintaining a simple and relaxed atmosphere, our guide is dedicated to ensuring a seamless and enjoyable summit experience, always ready with guidance and advice.

    Summiting Mytikas peak from Spilios Agapitos refuge typically takes around 3 hours to reach the top, followed by another 3 hours to descend back to the refuge. Ample time will be spent on the summit for rest, refreshments, and to soak in the breathtaking views and surrounding peaks—capturing those memorable photos.

    As we descend along the same route, the final scrambling part to the summit will be carefully guided, with you securely attached to the guide's rope, receiving advice and guidance at every stage. Our journey concludes as we return to your refuge, having hopefully provided you with an unforgettable experience.

    If you opt not to return to your refuge, choosing to spend the night elsewhere, feel free to contact us for a customized itinerary. We're happy to accommodate your needs and make the necessary arrangements. For those seeking additional guidance or a multi-day adventure, explore our 2-day guided trips or utilize our 'design your experience' service for a completely personalized itinerary—we'll collaborate with you to tailor every detail for a unique and fulfilling experience.


    Semi-Guided Hike to Olympus Summit

    • Experienced and certified English speaking guide/leader
    • Safety Climbing Equipment (helmet, climbing harness, rope)
    • Guide’s fees/expenses
    • Photos and video during the activity
    • VAT


    Semi-Guided Hike to Olympus Summit

    • Personal expenses
    • Meals, snacks and beverages on the refuge
    • Optional gratuities to the tour leader/guides
    • Anything not mentioned as included


    Essentials for Your Semi-Guided Hike to Olympus Summit:

    (Please note that this equipment list is specifically tailored for the ascent to the summit and does not encompass the entirety of the trip).
    Before embarking on your legendary ascent to Mytikas, ensure you pack wisely and keep your backpack as light as possible by focusing on the essentials. (you will be able to leave part of your equipment at the refuge, which you can later pick up when we will return)

    Here's a comprehensive list to guide your preparations:
    1. Footwear: Hike or trail running shoes with a sturdy, non-slip sole for optimal traction.
    2. Backpack: Hiking backpack with a capacity of minimum 30 liters, featuring padded straps and a waist belt. Ensure there's extra space for carrying a helmet and climbing harness, both of which will be provided.
    3. Hydration and Nutrition:
    ◦ Water bottle (at least 1-1.5 liters).
    ◦ Energy bars, gels, or other snacks to keep you fueled during the trek.
    4. Apparel:
    ◦ A waterproof jacket – lightweight breathable model. Windbreaker pants are also advised. A light pair of gloves is highly recommended. Additional thermal layer eg. fleece shirt or jacket.
    5. Protection from the Elements:
    ◦ Sunglasses and a hat to shield from the sun.
    ◦ Sunscreen to protect your skin from UV rays.
    6. Cold Weather Accessories:
    ◦ Warm gloves and a beanie hat are advised for colder conditions.
    7. Electronics:
    ◦ Headlamp for visibility
    8. First Aid:
    ◦ Simple first aid kit containing plasters or a blister kit, painkillers, antiseptic, and any personal medications.
    9. Additional Considerations:
    ◦ Depending on the period or weather conditions, an additional equipment list may be communicated beforehand.

  • F.A.Q.

    What are the average daily distances and altitude gains for the hike?
    • Day 1 involves a relatively easy ascent, covering approximately +1000m over 5.5km from Prionia (start) to the refuge.
    • Day 2 is a longer journey, encompassing approximately +900m over 3km to the summit and -1900m over 8.5km from the summit to Prionia (end), with an intermediate rest stop at the refuge.

    What level of experience and fitness is necessary for this program? Is it suitable for individuals under 18?
    While no specific experience is required, participants should maintain a solid fitness level to fully enjoy the trip without undue difficulty. On average, individuals should be comfortable with hiking uphill for 4 to 6 hours. Please be aware that participants aged 15 to 18 are welcome, but they must be accompanied by at least one of their parents, ensuring a more rigorous and challenging experience.

    How do I reach the trailhead/meeting point?
    Your guide will organize transportation to the trailhead, and this service is included in the price. The journey from the town of Litochoro (meeting point), typically takes 20-30 minutes by car.

    How is accommodation and meals managed during the trek?

    Your guide will take care of accommodation arrangements, relieving you of any booking concerns. While meals and breakfast are not included in the overall price, the refuge features an excellent kitchen offering a diverse range of food and beverages. The total average cost for a meal and breakfast is within the range of 10-15 euros.

    Are there any additional considerations, such as permits, insurance, vaccines, or COVID-19 requirements, that I need to be aware of before the tour?

    No permits are required for this trip. However, it is strongly recommended to have personal accident insurance for your safety and well-being during the tour. Additionally, please be mindful of any specific COVID-19 requirements or guidelines that may be in place, and ensure compliance with all relevant health and safety measures during the tour.

    What is the best time of the year for this hike?

    The ideal time for this hike is during the months of May to October.

    Is it possible to join a group?

    Typically, the service primarily caters to private groups. Nevertheless, you can communicate your preferred dates to the guide, as there are specific open dates each season that allow individual participants to join.

    Are there any health-related issues to be aware of for this trip?

    If you have injuries related to your musculoskeletal system or manage chronic health problems, it is advisable to avoid this trip or discuss it with your guide before booking.

    Is there any specific condition to note during the climb?

    Yes, during the final part of our ascent to the summit, there will be scrambling on a relatively easy but steep terrain. For safety, a helmet, rope, and harness will be used. Participants should not suffer from acrophobia (fear of heights), as this last stretch to the summit may exacerbate such conditions.

    Getting to Litochoro:

    For details on reaching Litochoro, please reach out to us directly. We are here to assist you with information and can help coordinate arrangements for transportation or accommodation to ensure a smooth journey.

    Accommodation in the Refuge:

    You will be accommodated at the Spilios Agapitos refuge, known for its excellent organization and cleanliness. Sleeping arrangements consist of bunk beds in communal rooms accommodating 8 or more individuals. While blankets are provided, you have the option to bring your sleeping bag (a silk liner is recommended to save weight). The bathroom facilities are communal.




    Your safety is our top priority:

    While we strive to follow the published itinerary, we reserve the right to modify or change plans based on the guide's discretion without penalty or money refund. This flexibility is exercised in response to changing weather conditions, ensuring participant comfort and safety, or addressing unexpected team member illness or injury

    Adverse Weather Contingency:

    In the event that inclement weather prevents an ascent to Mytikas Peak, the guide will adapt the itinerary and strive to reach Skolio Peak (2908m) instead. However, should circumstances impede both ascents and the guide deems it safer to conclude the activity, the group will return to the hut without reaching the summit. The safety and well-being of participants take precedence in such decisions.


    The tour guide retains the right to interrupt or halt the scheduled activity if a team member fails to comply with safety rules or engages in actions that jeopardise the group. The guide is not responsible for accidents resulting from participant mistakes or ignorance.

    It is essential to acknowledge that if a participant lacks the required fitness or skill level or sustains an injury, the guide may need to alter the course en route to ensure a safe completion and arrival at the endpoint. When an overnight stay in one of the refuges becomes necessary, any additional costs are solely the participant's responsibility. Participants are reminded that the tour guide is dedicated to facilitating an enjoyable mountain adventure while prioritising safety. Therefore, decisions and instructions given by the guide should be respected and followed at all times.

    Before the trip, it is recommended to consult with your guide regarding the trip level and specific requirements to ensure a well-prepared and safe mountain experience. Your safety is our paramount concern, and we appreciate your cooperation and understanding in unforeseen circumstances.

    Participants should be free from acrophobia (fear of heights) and possess an appropriate fitness level.


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2024 Price list (per person) / Semi-Guided Hike to Olympus Summit

  • Participants


  • 1

    295€ private tour

  • 2

    170€ p.p.

  • 3

    150€ p.p.

  • 4

    140€ p.p.

  • for larger groups

    please contact us

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