3 - 5 h








This tour is designed for those who have the hiking experience and feel confident enough to hike up by themselves and spent their first night in the Mouses Plateau refuges Giosos Apostolidis or Christos Kakkalos, and will only require the guidance and expertise of a guide during their summit day, for moving from their refuge to Mytikas peak (2918m).

Being an experienced hiker or not, you should always bare in mind that hiring a professional guide is a wise measure to increase your safety* on your embankment to the Summit or the other high peaks, but can also enhance your overall mountain experience, by sharing their local knowledge and secrets. *(all necessary safety equipment is supplied by us)

  • Period


  • Group Size

    1-4 persons/per guide

  • Total Distance

    3Km (approx.)

  • Total Ascent

    +250m (approx.)

Moderate difficulty

• Average physical condition
• Scrambling experience (useful)
• No acrophobia (fear of heights)


This tour is for those (small or larger groups) that plan to ascend to Mytikas (or other peaks) and they will require the guidance of a professional Olympus guide. We usually pick you up early in the morning from your refuge and then head up to the summit(s). We are of course flexible in our plans and we will always try to meet your time-schedules if you request an alternative itinerary. Ascending to the summit will always take place under our guidance and by the use of safety equipment (harness, helmet, rope) that we supply to our customers. There will be enough time on the summit for enjoying the spectacular view, resting, eating a snack and of course taking photographs (and selfies of course!). We will then depart and head from the same route back to your refuge.

Amazing views, pure alpine environment, an activity that safely takes us a little bit outside of our comfort zone, but rewards us with an unforgettable experience in the end!

Ascending to Mytikas and descending back to your refuge will normally take us about 3 - 5 hours (comfortable pace and enough time on the peak).




    Your day starts by having breakfast on your Refuge, enjoying a cup of tea or coffee and feeling the mountain vibes. Our guide will meet you on the refuge at the scheduled time. There will be a short briefing about the day’s plans and he will hand you out the equipment (helmet, climbing harness) for the climb along with all necessary directions and instructions. We like to emphasize on safety, but we also like to keep things simple and create a relaxed atmosphere for our participants in order to enjoy their summit experience. Our guide will always be there offering guidance and advice.

    Summiting Mytikas peak from Apostolidis or Kakkalos refuge will normally require 3 – 5 hours to reach the top and get back to the refuge.

    We will spent enough time on the top to rest, have something to eat, enjoy the view and admire the incredible scenery and the surrounding peaks, and of course take all the memorable photos.

    Later we begin from the same route to descend back to your hut where our activity ends, hopefully having offered you an unforgettable experience!

    During the part of the climb to the summit that requires scrambling, you will always be attached to the guide’s rope and offered advice and guidance on every stage of the climb.

    You have the option, if you are not planning to return on your refuge (you plan to spent a night on a different refuge) to contact us and arrange for you a different itinerary. Please do not hesitate to inform us beforehand and we will be happy to make the necessary arrangements to meet your needs.

    In case you require a guide for an additional day, please check our 2 day guided trips or if you wish a completely individualized itinerary use the “design your experience” service and we will discuss with you all the details for a custom experience.


    • Experienced English speaking guide
    • Safety Climbing Equipment (helmet, climbing harness, rope)
    • Guide’s fees/expenses
    • Photos and video during the activity
    • VAT


    •Personal expenses.
    • Meals, snacks and beverages on the refuge.
    • Optional gratuities to the tour leader/guides
    • Anything not mentioned as included


    • A light day-pack or your backpack
    • Hike or trail running shoes (a good traction/non-slippery sole is highly recommended)
    • A water bottle and at least 1.5 lt of water - energy snacks/jels or other snacks.
    • A windbreaker or waterproof jacket (windbreaker pants are also advised)
    • A warm long-sleeve shirt
    • Sunglasses, hat, sun-cream
    • Warm gloves, beanie hat (advised)
    An additional equipment list depending the period or weather conditions may be applied and will be communicated beforehand to the participants.
    If you lack part of the equipment listed, please contact us to make the necessary arrangements.

  • F.A.Q.


    The itinerary of this activity is designed for a safe completion of the route in under 6 hours.
    The guide reserves the right, without penalty or money refund, to modify or alter the published itinerary whenever, in his judgment, weather conditions warrant, or if it is necessary for the comfort or safety of participants or in case of a sudden team member illness/injury.
    The tour guide has the right to interrupt or totally stop the scheduled activity, if a team member does not comply with the safety rules the guide sets, or if his/her actions puts in danger the rest of the group.
    The guide is not responsible for any accident because of participant's mistake or ignorance.
    Please keep in mind that if the participant(s) lacks the required fitness or skill level, or in case of injury, the guide will be required (en route) to alter the course in order to ensure a safe return to the starting point (refuge). Please also keep in mind that the guide is there primarily for helping you enjoy this mountain adventure, but is also responsible for your safety, so any decisions made or instructions given by the guide should always be respected and followed.
    If weather conditions are very bad and forecasts predict from the previous day bad (dangerous) weather for summiting, then the activity will be canceled. In that case you will be refunded 100% the amount charged. However, if bad weather conditions could not be predicted and by the time your guide arrives to your refuge weather does not allow summiting, then a second attempt will be made if possible later during that day, provided that weather conditions will improve. If that will still not be possible, then a refund of 50% of the initial amount will be issued (to cover the guides expenses).
    Always make sure to check with your guide beforehand regarding the level and requirements of the hike.

2024 Price list (per person) / Semi-Guided Hike to Olympus Summit

  • Participants


  • 1

    255€ p.p.

  • 2

    150€ p.p.

  • 3

    100€ p.p.

  • 4

    80€ p.p.

  • for larger groups

    please contact us