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  • From €65

    Semi Guided Mytikas Experience


    Ascending to the summit of Olympus, directly from your refuge via Kakoskala ridge

    Spilios Agapitos Refuge A
  • From €55

    Semi Guided Mytikas Experience


    Ascending to the summit of Olympus, directly from your refuge via Louki couloir

    Apostolidis or Kakkalos Refuge
  • From €210

    Speed Hiking to Mytikas Experience


    A fast and light, pure alpine adventure! Ascending to the summit and descending at the same day!

    Prionia, Mt Olympus
  • From €150

    ‘BECOME A LEGEND’ hike to Mytikas

    Accommodation1 night

    A 2 days hiking experience to the summit, a tour in which we will spend a night in Spilios Agapitos mountain refuge before our summit day.

    Prionia, Mt Olympus
  • From €150


    Accommodation1 night

    A 2 days hiking experience. A circular tour designed for those who wish to get the most out of their visit to the mythical mountain and discover all the well known landmarks of Olympus. One night will be spent in a mountain refuge.

    Prionia, Mt Olympus
  • From €210


    Accommodation2 nights

    This tour offers you the ultimate experience of Mount Olympus! This is a 3 days circular hiking tour, including summiting Mytikas (2918m/9574ft) the highest peak of Mt.Olympus. Overall an unforgettable hiking experience.

    Prionia, Mt Olympus

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  • Become a Legend Tour

    27 - 28 Aug 2022

    Fixed prices for booking / Dates to be announced

  • Tour of the Gods

    03 - 04 Sep 2022

    Fixed prices for booking / Dates to be announced

  • Fast and Light Tour

    14 Σεπ 2022

    Fixed prices for booking / Dates to be announced

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Our services

Your lifetime experiences

Take a quick look at what we offer. Our services range from easy family treks to the foothills of Mt.Olympus, to multi-day treks on the Alpine zone, to speed hiking up and down to the summit of Olympus in just a day. We are flexible and can meet your individual time-schedule or design any type of activity you wish to embark on. Moreover we will happily assist you on creating a personalized plan for your visit. Just use our contact form and we will be in touch with you!

About us
  • Guiding you to the summit of Mytikas

    Climb Mytikas*, the roof top of Greece, at 2918m/9574ft, safely and enjoy the spectacular view, under the guidance of professionals.
    Available tours to Mytikas on a daily basis, so don't miss the opportunity, give us a call.
    Book with us, same day ascends directly from your refuge (semi-guided) or as part of our multi-day treks (2 or 3 days).
    Can you hike fast? We can even do it in 1 Day! So check under the Summit Experiences section for more details.

    *the necessary safety equipment is supplied by us (helmet, harness, rope)

  • Family treks

    Easy day treks to the foothills of Mt.Olympus. For families that wish to explore the mountain, but maybe lack the time available on their holiday schedule. Typical treks include crossing Enipeas Gorge or ascending on one of the lower eastern-side refuges (Refuge A or Petrostrouga). Of course creating an individual plan based on your needs and timetable is always something we will happily do if you request us.

  • Semi-Guided treks

    Do you feel confident enough to trek on your own on one of the lower eastern refuges? That's great. We can meet and pick you up from your refuge/hut and head together on our way to the summit or the Muses Plateau. Do you need any arrangements to match your time-schedule or do you have any other special requests? We get you covered! We are flexible. Contact us and we will happily reply with details.

  • Multi-day treks (2 or 3 days)

    This is the best way to explore the mythical mountain. We trek in stages by usually spending one night on one of the lower refuges and one night on the Muses Plateau. This way we brake down the route and you have enough time to replenish your energy levels, but also you can experience more of the life in the legendary Mt Olympus. There are many variations of our tours depending duration, route (circulars, same route return) or whether summiting Mytikas peak is included. Please check under the Olympus Experiences section for more details or contact us and let us design a specific itinerary for you or your group.

  • Speed Hiking

    Are you in excellent physical condition? Maybe you only have limited time available on you holidays? Are you constantly pushing your limits further? Are you looking for adventure?
    This is for you (or your group). We can hike fast at your desired pace and complete any kind of route, even including summiting Mytikas peak on the same day (if conditions permit it), Please check under the Olympus Experiences section for more details or contact us and let us design a specific itinerary for you or your group.

  • Trail Running

    Mt.Olympus hosts a number of well known and respected trail running races of various distances (marathons to ultras). There is vast trail network either on the foothills of Olympus (lower grades) or even those that lead to the Muses Plateau and the summits (more vertical). We can run or hike fast any part of the mountain, for as long you plan to. You will only need your trail running shoes. We can normally accommodate you with the rest of the equipment (based on availability). Please check under the Olympus Experiences section for more details or contact us and let us design a specific itinerary for you or your group.


Imagine...the sunrise from the summit of Olympus Mountain, the breath-taking view of Zeus Throne, the spectacular view of the Aegean sea while you traverse the Zonaria trail, the 360 panorama view from Mytikas Peak...
Live the myth, visit the legendary mountain of the Gods, push your limits and get your comfort zone into a new level with the guidance of professionals.
Join us for a lifetime experience!

Stavros was a consummate guide on our climb to the second highest peak on Mt. Olympus. We are not experienced hikers or climbers and are extremely thankful we had Stavros with us on our ascent/descent, for both the gear required and the tips and tricks offered to make life on the mountain safer and more fun. Before booking, Stavros was very speedy to answering our questions and reaching out. After we booked he stayed connected with us on the weather outlook, what to pack and also helped us book our lodging at the Agapitos refuge. The climb to the summit is challenging and Stavros made us feel very comfortable and always safe. He was very supportive, patient and kind. While we didn’t make it to one of the higher peaks we did still make it to the top of Skala. The views were amazing and it was truly an unforgettable experience. We want to come back again soon and will definitely book with Stavros again

Katie C.05/2023

My experience with Stavros was great! His knowledge of Mount Olympus was truly profound, speaking volumes of his experience and deep connection to the mountain. Despite the challenges of the trek due to the difficult weather conditions, we managed to get most out of the mountain. If you're planning a trip to Mount Olympus, I highly recommend Stavros. He'll transform your adventure into a memorable journey to the home of the gods"
Thanks again!

Remi L.05/2023

Great trip! Stavros is very safety-conscious, has a lot of experience in this and other mountain climbs, and knows Mt. Olympus very well, so you are in great hands with him. He also paces well and stops frequently to check if you’re keeping up so he can adjust his pace. He also provides the essential equipment like sticks, helmets, harnesses, and crampons (if needed). We were unfortunately not able to summit Mytikas or Skolio due to it being extremely windy the day we went, but we went high enough to see the amazing views and landscapes. You do have to be decently fit to do this climb, not like super athlete fit, but at least able to climb uphill for extended periods of time without any issues; especially because it’s practically an uphill climb for hours. Just getting to the refuge is 3-4 hours of mostly walking uphill on uneven surfaces. The refuge we stayed at was the Spilios Agapitos, and it had great food (as far as refuges go), decently comfortable beds, and was pretty spacious.

Derek K.05/2023

Stavros was a fantastic guide, extremely professional, informative, and calm in the face of quite terrifying and unexpected weather. We had a very pleasant ascent from the hut, starting half-past seven. Stavros was great about adjusting the pace for my comfort and he had a lot of deep knowledge about the nature in the surrounding area, some of the more obscure myths surrounding the mountain, as well as different routes I would like to explore in future! We were hit by an unexpected late-morning hailstorm on the descent; without Stavros' calm energy, I would surely have panicked. We got down quickly and safely; I was totally unscathed, with another good story to tell. Stavros prioritised my safety over protecting his phone, which suffered water damage. I hope the next trip was less eventful! I highly recommend the semi-guided climb; you can take your time below tree-line on the way to the hut, but I wouldn't have felt safe on the last exposed and technical section without an experienced professional.

Nicholas B.10/2022

Why us


We are an outdoor activity provider focusing our services purely on Mt. Olympus Greece.

We offer professional guiding services, maintaining the highest standards of safety during all of our activities.

If your are planning an active type of holidays during your visit in Greece, if you wish to explore more the Mountain of the Ancient Gods, or if you want to expand your limits and get safely out of your comfort zone, then join us for an Olympus Experience adventure!

  • Small or Private groups

    1 guide for max 5 persons

  • Professional guides

    Experienced and certified guides

  • Flexible schedules

    Easy to match your plans

  • Daily ascents to the summit

    Book your tour for the summit

  • Friendly atmosphere

    Mountain vibes connect us!


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